With the discovery of the Statuta Officiorum,( the Kingdom of Sicily), it can be stated that in 1242 the Emperor Frederick the ll of Swabia, initiated work for the extension of the Castle Lagopesole, the last and greatest of his structures.

Built on a Norman stronghold, the castle overlooks the entire Vitalba valley below built of sandstone blocks which till this day preserves the original structures.
Considering the fact that Frederick the ll loved hunting and nature, this became his favorite residence.
Its spacious rooms are characterized by the presence of sculptural shelves that held the pointed arches, embellished also with mullioned windows.

The residential area is connected to the south part of the large rectangle Castle, divided by a wall curtain which is entirely connected from the residential area through a gallery overlooking the Chapel, which retains the original portal, that perhaps was designed by one of Frederick’s ll construction sites worker, Mele di Stagliano.

From the Swabians Angevins and to the Doria-Pamphili, the Castle has undergone various tampering throughout the centuries.Now owned by the State Property Office, located inside the National Reserve Anthropological "Coste Castle", managed and completely restored by the Forest Service of State.

Open to the public it has become a container of art.

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